Quality Policy

Ramgan Logistics to be recognized as being one of the most professional transports in the road Freight Industry. The management team and all employees are fully aware that without customers we would not have a successful business, and the customer is therefore the reason for our company’s existence and our employ.

Thus, forging open and honest long –term partnership with our customers based on mutual benefit and respect, the continual improvements of the systems and processes, facilitates flexibility and changing needs of our customers, adding value to service. In doing so, consistently provide a competitive advantage and good value for our customers and encourage the upliftment and transfer of skills to previously disadvantaged individuals.


Field Of Expertise

Ramgan Logistics is in a position to fulfil these factors by providing both:

Customers set very high standards for the transport of their products and we make it our business priority to meet them.

Safety and efficiency are of utmost importance to both the customer and our company:

Open lines of communication are maintained between operational staff & management who in turn maintain close client contact, thus ensuring high service levels.